<transcy>&quot;Pumpkin Pie&quot; candle, our latest creation</transcy>

Bougie d'automne parfumée à la citrouille et aux épices

After the launch of our shop "Doly & Jack and our first range of sweet craft candle A week ago. We are happy to unveil our new "Pumpkin Pie" candle . A candle that is both sweet and spicy.

An autumn candle inspired by the famous Pumpkin Pie

For the manufacture of this new candle, we were inspired by an essential recipe across the Atlantic, pumpkin pie, or pumpkin pie and spices. A gourmet pie eaten in the United States in fall and early winter, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

An artisanal candle with natural ingredients

As with our previous candles, we used only natural ingredients. Of the 100% vegetable and organic soy wax , a hemp wick (a natural biodegradable fiber) and finally a fragrance without CMR, made by our Master perfumer from Grasse.

A candle with a unique scent

The "Pumpkin Pie" candle is a delicious blend of sweet squash, orange peel and spices. This candle, at first gluttonous and sweet, will surprise you very quickly with its spicy base notes.

We are particularly proud of this new creation because, although it completes our range of gourmet and sweet candles, it will surprise our Customers with higher notes.